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Whipple Supercharger 2011-2020 Chrysler 300 5.7L




Since 1987, Whipple Superchargers™ have been the pioneers and leaders of twin-screw supercharging. Whipple was the first to bring positive displacement technology to fuel injected, emissions legal engines. With over 31 years of twin-screw supercharging experience, Whipple’s team have now engineered the most powerful intercooled twin-screw SC systems available today for your Dodge V8 engines. Both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 systems feature the latest technology and gives you the option of what power level you want. The all new Whipple system makes more power than any other positive displacement supercharger system on the market giving you tire frying, neck whipping power that will give you a grin from ear to ear. The new system is 100% complete and is designed for stock engines but has enough capability to work with heavily modified engines.

The all-new 50-state emissions legal system features Whipple’s massive oversized air-to-water intercooler for unmatched cooling capacity, a unique front feed W175ax (a whopping 2.9 liters) integrated Whipple twin-screw supercharger that reaches 99% volumetric efficiency and industry leading power potential. The unique intercooled bypass system offers better acceleration and less than 1hp of consumption during cruising for excellent fuel economy. The system also includes high-flow fuel injectors, aluminum high flow intake manifold and a flash tool for the factory ECU recalibration. While others claim, Whipple Superchargers simply deliver more power per pound of boost than any other supercharger on the market today.

Stage 1 systems feature the 2.9L Gen 4 supercharger, massive intercooler, high flow intercooler system, high flow fuel injectors, 2-bar map sensor, plug and play connectors, pre-fitted hoses and every thing you need to operate at *6.5psi of boost for everyday torque and horsepower.

Stage 2 systems feature a larger heat exchanger, NGK spark plugs, *8psi of boost, modified calibration, MSD fuel pump boost for increased fuel flow capacity for maximum power on stock engines with today's pump gas.

*Model years 2015-2018 and up require unlocked PCM's. Factory PCM's must be purchased or unlocked by HP Tuners (

*Boost is for reference, results may vary from application to application.

      Whipple Supercharger 2011-2020 Chrysler 300 5.7L